Thanks, Brian Mendoza! I thought I had a lot of personal internet sites, but I feel somehow that this one is different. First of all, I don’t feel the pressures of the whole internet community peering into my soul but rather maybe just a few I’d like to keep in touch with. And secondly, it’s mostly writing. Something I love doing for fun, but get so easily distracted away from due to other multimedia options.

Anyway, the title of my blog refers to “21st Century” from a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. I’ve been discovering that I find a lot of truth in the most odd places, and the line that speaks to me is this:

“Read me your scripture and
Read me your scripture
Read me your scripture
And I will twist it

Show me your wrist and I’ll
Show me your wrist and
Show me your wrist
And I’ll kiss it, kiss it”

When I think of someone merely reading scripture to me, it seems like a cold way of telling someone the right way to do things instead of actually caring for them, or saying the right things instead of speaking honestly.

And when the lead sings “Show me your wrist” I was so sure he was going to say “I’ll slit it” so I cringed in anticipation but found sweet relief and shock: “I’ll kiss it”

Revealing a wrist is so exposing, so prone to hurt and injury. But a kiss? Acceptance, even affection. What a beautiful line, from such an unlikely source.

Not to say that reading scripture is bad, but I think being honest, and meaning what you say is quite important. Important to me, to those you love, to God.

Anyway, I want to be vulnerable on this site and just share my thoughts as variegated and unconventional as they may seem. Thanks for stopping by!