This updating once-a-month thing is terrible of me. I love blogging, and I enjoy reading others’ blogs.. I think I’ve just been lazy and have been having a hard time getting a source of inspiration.

Anyway, another unlikely source of inspiration: 


My 50-year-old friend from whom I chanced upon at the bar about a month ago had asked me why my parents came to America. I looked at him dumbfounded and shrugged my shoulders. “You should ask them.” He said. I sipped my coke and we continued to talk about life.

So randomly I did ask my mother.

“Mom, why did you come to America?”

Busily setting down her plate of food for dinner, she responds, “Oh! I wanted adventure!”

Nearly spitting out all my food in disbelief, “You just randomly came to America for adventure?!”

“Yeah, randomly!” She chirps and consumes some hot food.

“Mom…” stars shining in my dark brown eyes, “I didn’t know you were so cool!”

Mother chortles and stuffs green lettuce leaf full of rice and sashimi in her mouth.

My mother is a good woman. I’ve been actively trying to establish better relationships with my parents, since they don’t trust me with a lot of things and I don’t know why. I want to know my parents as people, not just as my parents. We’ve had our fights so far, fighting over going shopping at Potomac Mills or Tysons Corner, which ended with me shopping by myself. Later, we both felt bad and talked about it, feeling better. So I asked my parents a second time to watch Ratatouille with me, because the first time they explained 9:40PM was too late for them. They rejected me the second time as well and I was feeling a little dejected after I hung up with my dad on the phone. Maybe my parents aren’t as cool as I’d hoped they were.

A minute later, my phone rings. Dad.

“Ah, Joanne?”

“Hey dad, what’s up?” I said, trying not to sound disappointed.

“Since we, uhh.. got enough sleep during our nap, how about we…”


“…go watch that Rat movie?”

I could hear my mom twisting my dad’s arm during the conversation. It made me want to laugh. Made me want to cry. I whooped and even though my parents were dead tired that evening, it was goooood.

Now here’s another source of inspiration:


The next day, we were all sitting down for dinner (Me, Dan, dad, and mom).

“The main important part of the rat movie was about the choice he made. He decided to take this path that led him to where he was. The movie is all about identity and finding who he really is, not really rat, not really human.”

And with this sparked a very long conversation about identity, politics, Martin Luther King Jr., the upcoming elections, how scary the war on Iraq was, and the conviction of voting together as a family next year. We haven’t had a conversation like that at our dinner table in so long, it felt refreshing, even if it was just between my dad and Dan, while me and my mom looked back and forth like at a tennis tournament at the inputs flying. My dad inspired me with Martin Luther King Jr.

“You see, Martin Luther King Jr. was a very good speaker. He touched peoples’ hearts with his speech, ‘I Have a Dream.’ He sought for the good in people. He kept saying that ‘This is not right, this is not right.'”

“Well, Hitler was a very good speaker as well,” my brother countered.

“Yes, he was. But Hitler sought for the bad in people. He said, ‘Some people are superior than others. We must get rid of them!'” My dad responded.

And it occured to me that life is not just about me individually, but to even think about the impact for good I can be making for the people around me, in my community. I want to be like Martin Luther King Jr. and search out the good in people.

Also, it’s been fabulous jamming with my geeeetar any and everywhere. Went to Iota twice with Amanda Lee, played at church a bit, played at Potbelly’s, played in front of half-strangers, played by myself in my room, played played played. ‘Twas great, and all of it still is.

Anyway, this is a long entry. See you next month! (Just kidding.. hopefully sooner than that.)