Seems strange to post an angry rant, especially when I’ve had a most excellent day. But I must!

It really angers me when people who are Korean and who are Christian try so hard to discredit both those sides of their identity by being “different.” People go out of their way to only hang out with non-Korean friends and non-Christian friends to show off that they’re not just the thin sliver of a minority Korean Christians that are in existence. I can understand wanting to meet different kinds of people, wanting to be open minded, but what is wrong with being Korean or being a Christian anyway? It’s like they’re actively trying to ignore what they are. What they used to be so proud of  now only holds a place of disgust.

It makes me upset. That just seems more ignorant to me than only hanging out with Koreans and Christians (those of whom really get on my nerves as well). Why can’t people just be open to PEOPLE? Why do people want to appear a certain way, or try so hard to be special and stand out? Why aren’t people willing to connect with other people because of their race or religion? Why do people want to be so “cultured” and brag that they’ve seen more of the world or that they just “know more and Christians are in their own little bubble”? The Christian and Korean community is a very tight-knit one, but why should that be looked down upon? It’s not like as if you transcend it by shunning Christians or Koreans in their “ignorance.” You know what I really think? I think that people who are trying to be so different are really just running away. I think it’s really lonely, and it’s nice to keep up an appearance and it’s just easier not to get involved and just run away. Such a coward’s way out.

I love this phrase that Sarah Keem used to say. She’d say, “I’m color-blind.” Not blind to culture or the different ways people live in different communities, but just that those things are not as paramount or definitive as the person for who they are. I’d love to sit down to a conversation with a fantastic Romanian Jew as I would a fantastic Korean Christian.

And I think there’s real strength in joining and staying in some kind of community. A community you can belong or you are devoted to. Whether you’re African-American joining a Japanese club, or whatever, at some point a person has to say, “Okay, this is it. No matter what, I’m going to try to get along with these people because they’re great, and I want to know people more.” How jacked up is it to reject and look down upon that community after you’ve made all the connections and relationships that you could ever have and then just abandon it? For the sake of being cultured or more aware? I mean, come on people, get your priorities straight. Why do you abandon those people who genuinely care about you?

Okay maybe not all of them would, but I would. And I know sure as heck other people would too. Why can’t we just give each other the benefit of the doubt or give each other a chance? Okay, and I also understand that there is an element of growth that is needed, and you need new experiences. But that’s not what I’m talking about. You can go join a new community, but don’t look down upon your old one just because you’ve “been there, done that” and therefore deny its validity in your life. And don’t cut off all the precious relationships you’ve had before. Just because you’re growing in a different way doesn’t mean you need to scorn those who’ve seriously contributed to who you are now. GRRRR ON YOU!

 The more I read this, the more I want to type. Also, if we, ACTUAL Koreans and ACTUAL Christians, don’t work to expand and improve our community, who the hell do you think will??! DON’T ABANDON YOUR COMMUNITY. DON’T ABANDON YOUR FAMILY. JUST DON’T.

I realize this is very biased, because I’m only speaking from my perspective and the ugly feelings I get when I meet people like this. Adam keeps telling me I need to be more open minded and willing to listen and understand people and not just simply argue my point. So if anyone would like to educate me, to “culture” me a little so to say, please do so. Okay, sorry for that sarcasm, that’s my stubbornness again.


P.S. — I realize that I am really talking a lot about myself. All those feelings I just ranted about, it’s because I’ve thought that same way. Yep, I admit it. But I don’t want to be like that. That bothers my soul!