Very brief entry tonight, for I really must sleep.

I watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s a little while ago at June’s house. It’s a classic, but I didn’t like most of it until the end. And then I bawled.


The message I got from it is this: People belong to each other.

I think sometimes I can get so worried that I won’t belong to anyone, or that no one will want to belong to me. My usual nature is to want people to just respect me, because I don’t have any lofty ideas that everyone will like me or love me. But now reflecting on it, I think it’s better to have someone who will stick it through with you no matter what.

I believe I am afraid because there is no one who’s stayed long enough in my life other than my family. There’s no evidence for mine eyes to see.

God, teach me truth from lie. I belong to You.