So we have a lot of disgusting, flying little creatures in our kitchen. They’re called gnats, and they multiply like crazy. I don’t know if it’s because we leave out food or because we over-water our plants, but these things just won’t die or completely go away!

So being the clever little person I am, I devised a trap. My ingenious little “gnat trap” involves putting a piece of slightly mashed fruit (plum is good) into a large Tupperware bin, taking the lid off and resting it far away from the trap. I go up to my room, play my guitar, sing a little, go out to buy a vitamin water, maybe go to work or run. But whenever I return, I gleefully grab the lid and slowly walk over to the Tupperware. I stare at the unsuspecting little gnats and then before they realize what hit them, I snap the lid back on and watch in satisfaction as the 20 or 30-some little buggers fly frantically to try to get out. But they can’t! They’re TRAPPED!

I run outside quickly, shut my house door behind me, get in the middle of the street and then mercifully release them into the wild. I feel happy as I watch them flying into blue skies, out of our kitchen and away from our home.

A few days ago I’ve been meditating on the idea of this gnat trap, because I’m so proud of myself (it’s so much more effective than spraying a bunch of Raid everywhere, and a lot more humane). And this realization came to me– the best kind of trap is the kind where your victim feels safe, at ease, comfortable. Because that’s when they least suspect that something would ever happen. Comfort is a major element of an effective trap.

And then my mind wandered at the thought, wow, I think that’s exactly how Satan and his evil forces must work. I don’t think he tries to alarm us with his demonic powers (maybe he does, I don’t know), but I think it’s most effective to flirt and coo the idea that we humans should live in comfort. He’s got a big, rotting piece of bait that’s just the very centre of his trap for us. And there’s no mercy in him, no releasing into the boundless blue. More like, he traps us and then Raids us to no end.

You won’t trick me. I’m on to you!