Lessons from 2008:

-I’m altogether more capable of jealousy, hateful thoughts, and bitterness than I imagined
-Though I outwardly complain, I secretly enjoy being in hyper stressed out mode
-Catching up with people makes me so much happier than secluding myself to do other individualistic activities
-Men are untrustworthy pigs. Just kidding! Getting your heart broked from one can make you sad and bitter or stronger and faster.
-My self esteem and positive moods are directly correlated to how much exercise I get.
-The word ‘No’ is a powerful thing. I must learn to wield it. No to eating late, no to being lazy, no to skipping showers.
-Failure is all perspective.
-The more world I get exposed to, the more I lose the definitiveness of my sense of self.
-I’m so much more focused on life and aspirations when I’m not dating some untrustworthy pig of a man. Just kidding again! ^_^
-Men are really, really wonderful– especially kind, generous, inspiring, caring, and encouraging ones. I’m keeping a mental checklist of what a wonderful man is supposed to be like, so I can snatch him as he rides in from the horizon. Bwahaha.

Goals for 2009:

-Get fit.
-Love first, understand first, instead of trying to force others to understand me and love me as I want. This especially applies to family.
-Play goot music. Everywhere. Anywhere I can.
-Find real friends. Friends who pick up when I call, friends who listen when I’m bursting, friends who I’m not ashamed to cry in front of or be really shallow with.
-Become technologically literate.
-Save $10,000 and buy a house.
-Be a nurse that others can depend on, rely on, trust.
-Read books. Good, healthy, spiritual books. Read the bible.
-Mooovvvee somewhere. NYC, London, Cali. Anywhere that’ll take me! Please!
-Start learning Ko-Re-An.
-Meet the man of my dreams but not realize it until about 5 years later and then be swept up and have a big, extravagent wedding with all the real friends I’ve made in 2009.

Wow, those are some goals, huh? I better a’git!