I realize that being a nurse and being an artist are two different monsters. They both have a completely different make.

As a nurse, I run around all day, most of my conversations with patients or co-workers are related to care or medicine, with jokes and gossip typically taking place in the medication room or conference room.

As an artist, I wake up, drink my coffee, and sit around my apartment with my guitar, waiting for some kind of inspiration to hit me. I think about all the feelings I’ve ever had, none of them which are very wracked or strong at 9 in the morning. I write little poems sometimes on the back of receipts if lightning strikes from time to time. I check emails, send emails, and try to faithfully update my twitter and facebook. I try to book gigs.

I realize that the two have vastly differing paces. Either way, I need some human interaction after doing a lot of soul searching.

Getting ready for tonight’s show! Woo!